Florida 2007, Underwater,
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We dived the wreck of a barge called Hog Heaven ... and after the cold murky waters of the UK it seemed pretty heavenly to me!

Bluestriped Gunt, hovering inside the wreck

Smooth Trunkfish. They're usually very shy and swim away fast when you try to approach them ...

... but this one broke the mould and posed for me!

Porkfish, snapped on the move

Blue Anglefish. Angelfish are usually camera-shy too, but Floridaian ones didn't seem to be!

Gorgeous, isn't it?!?

Foureye Butterflyfish

Sharptail Eel - it seems that these eels are quite rare.

I only spotted it because it was trying eat something in a hole and it's underbelly flashed white as it wriggled

Yellow Stingray

Pouting Queen Angelfish!

An incredibly well camouflaged Stonefish

Balloonfish - camouflaged to perfection ... except those blue, blue eyes!

2 beautiful Angelfish on the reef - the one at the top is a Townsend Angelfish and the one below is a Queen Angelfish.

Apparently the Townsend is the result of a Queen and a Blue (photographed on the wreck) interbreeding ... interesting ...

A Blue Tang and Townsend Angelfish, both posing to perfection for me!

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