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John and I went to Jamaica in February 2010 to celebrate his birthday.  We were only there for a week, but we had a fabulous time at Sandals Negril - made particularly special by our butlers ... we've never had a 'Butler Service' room before, but we really appreciated everything they did for us - they made our stay extra-special. There were all sorts of little touches, such as festooning our beach parasol with balloons and Happy Birthday banners on John's birthday and bringing us a 'special' cocktail to sip on the beach, serving us a wonderful candle-lit dinner on our balcony, and generally making sure our every whim was catered for!

Our room offered spectacular views of the famous Negril beach sunsets, so every evening we'd be on our balcony, sipping a cool Rum Punch and watching the sun disappear into the sea.

As well as going snorkelling with John, I was very happy to get back underwater with the Sandals scuba team. The diving off Negril wasn't as dazzling as some places I've been, but I had four very nice bimbles and was able to 'commune' up close and personal with a few sea-creatures, as you can see - it was quite simply very good to be back in the water!

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Spotted moray eel, out of its hole

Sunset over Negril beach

Creeping up on a small Yellow stingray

This little Web Burrfish (a type of pufferfish) posed for me ...

... such a sweetie! Apparently they are relatively rare in the Caribbean.

I think this was the best sunset we saw from our balcony

The changing colours as the sun descended towards the sea were spectacular

A Peacock flounder makes off fast (with those bluey-purple blotches you can see where it gets its name!)

but this Flying Gurnard, unusually, stayed put for me

John preferred this sunset ...

... it was pretty dramatic ...

... and nearly burnt a hole in my camera!!!

Dinner on our balcony, impeccably served by our Butler

... a lovely evening to remember

Up close and personal with a Hawksbill turtle

... who was also happy to pose for me ...

... and let me get really close in

Lobster ... to me it looked virtually transparent, but just look at those blues and yellows!

The beach at Sandals, Negril

The beach stretches away towards Negril for 5 miles

In front of the block with our room, with our butler Denato

... and by the sea with our butler Dwayne

Our last sunset ... seen sipping a cool Rum Punch on our balcony

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