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I visited 'true' Egypt for the first time in December 2008, travelling with my friend Helen, who is very keen on Egyptology.  We stayed in Luxor and Aswan, and managed to visit an incredible amount of the ancient sites in our week away.

I was totally overawed by the amazing attention to detail and care taken by the ancient craftsmen.  They produced intricate carvings of reliefs and hieroglyphs; used wonderful colours to decorate temples and tombs; built colossal statues, monolithic obelisks, and temples of a scale that is totally breathtaking ... and all with no metal tools at all - stone was merely carved with stone!

Perhaps one of the most extraordinary things about these ancient monuments is the sense that the people involved really wanted to communicate their stories.  They wrote and rewrote their names, and those of their kings; they carved and painted and named their gods; and they depicted their daily life: from ploughing and harvesting, to hunting, fishing, and making wine and beer, to performing their religious ceremonies, and building and decorating their temples and tombs.

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Luxor, Edfu & Kom Ombo,
Album 1


  Aswan & Philae,
Album 2


  El Kab, Esna & Karnak,
Album 3


Most of the sites we visited dated to the New Kingdom (1540-1075 BC) or the Ptolemeic period (305-30 BC), but we did see some tombs from the Old Kingdom (2670-2200 BC) in Aswan - we were looking at paintings and reliefs that are nearly 5000 years old!

Luxor (the ancient city is known as Thebes) is a busy Egyptian city, and there is so much to see between the 2 huge temples of the East Bank, and the tombs and temples of the West Bank, that we barely scratched the surface of the place.  Aswan is smaller and more relaxed and so felt more accessible, and hiring a small boat to sail gently along the Nile for a few hours was quite blissfully peaceful!


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