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This is why we came here - PENGUINS! This one is moulting. They are called Little Penguins - only the Ozzies would give them such a prosaic name!

This is where the penguins come ashore, at dusk every evening, on Phillip Island

A basalt peninsula at Phillip Island

If you swam straight down from here, first of all you'd be nuts (or a penguin!), and secondly you'd hit Tasmania

In the Koala Sactuary on Phillip Island - this is the best way to spend your day!

Aaaaahhhhh ... look ... Mummy and Baby Koalas!

Can you see him a bit better now?

Now we're at healsville Animal Sanctuary. This is Echidna.

Wombat, all curled up and asleep


These pelicans must have used a very good washing powder - I've never seen such brilliantly white plumage on a pelican before!

Black swan - Odile, from Swan Lake


Roos lying down have an almost human expression

Emu - funny looking feather-duster of a bird!

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