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Uluru (or Ayers Rock)

Cave paintings by Aborignals from a long time ago, at Uluru

That 'slice' of rock slid down many decades ago

When Uluru was pushed up, the strata were skewed and even ended up vertically, as here

It's hard to give an idea of the sheer sixe of the Rock - believe me, these Eucalytus Trees are not stunted ones!

... and odd 'holes' like this

The rock positively glows in the late afternoon sun

And at sunset it takes on purple tones

These are the domes of Kata Tjuta (or The Olgas - named after Mount Olga, the tallest of the domes)

Walking between the domes

Call me weird, but this rock looks just like a shouting man to me!

Looking through the cleft between domes

A storm approaches

Aren't we just GORGEOUS, in our hats and fly-nets?!?

My favourite view of Kata Tjuta

... though this one's quite dramatic!

I hate to spoil the imagery, but the road only leads to a car park, and from there it's on foot, in the blistering heat, to see a different part of the domes

Kata Tjuta at sunset

We're still at Kata Tjuta, looking back at Uluru, over 30 miles away!! It's amazing how the orange of its bulk is so clear on the horizon!

And this is looking towards Kata Tjuta from Uluru - it doesn't dominate so much, even if it actaully covers a significantly larger area

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