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Aswan - The Nile with Fellucas sailing by

The Tombs of the Nobles at Aswan date back to the Old Kingdom. This painting is nearly 5000 years old!!!!

These tombs were decorated with reliefs on the outside, and paintings on the inside.

This particular relief is at the very top of the ramp up from the Nile

The outside of this tomb is covered in hieroglyphs. This noble had organised an expedition to the south and the King had written to him about it.

He was so proud of this letter that he reproduced it at the entrance to his tomb!

Very, very old painting in a tomb

This relief shows 3 men playing dice ...

... and these are the tomb-owner's dogs ... one clearly a female!

... and here he is out hunting. Above, his cattle are being herded (one on the left even has a suckling calf!)

Looking back up at the Tombs of the Nobles

... and from across the Nile. You can clearly see the ancient ramps, used to pull everything up to the tombs.

We took a boat trip down the Nile as far as the Old Aswan Dam. In the distance,out in the desert, is the 10th century monastery of St Simeon

A Nubian mud-brick hut

A felluca

Hieroglyphic inscriptions carved deeply into the rocks at the water's edge

More fellucas - they are SO picturesque!

The Ptolemeic temple complex at Philae.

When the Aswan High Dam was built in the 1970s, this temple complex was reconstructed on another island, otherwise it would have been underwater

The tops of the columns show Hathor, the cow goddess, while lower down the wall are rows of cobras

Each capital was differently carved

The Pharoah worshipping various gods

Just look at the detailing in this relief!

Do you like my Nubian hat?

Underneath the big stones is the Source of the Nile

Leaving Philae

Sunset over the Nile at Aswan

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