British Virgin Islands 2006,
   Album 2

BVI #1
BVI #2


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A school of Yellowtail Snapper

A school of Yellowtail Snapper, swimming on the Chikuzen wreck

A hold on the Chikuzen - I think there was a Giant Grouper in there, but it didn't come out.

[Cobia. The sign in diving for one of these is the same as for a shark but shaking your head ... so I call it a 'Not-a-shark'!]

A view of the bow of the Chikuzen - as you can see, it went down on its side

I'm OK!

Wow - a Blue Spotted Eagle Ray!

The Eagle Ray glides slowly off

Me, posing for my portrait at 27 metres down!

Oh... that's one big Barracuda ... with a sharp set of teeth that're all the better to grin at you with!

As we came up over the side of the wreck, there was this little turtle ...

... and it turned ...

... and swam towards us ... in fact it came right up to us all and swam with us for a bit ... It was magic!

Small school of Grunts

2 Filefish at the Invisibles dive site. Apparently it's extremely rare for the conditions to be such that you can dive on this

Emperor Angelfish, at the Invisibles.

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