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Our first glimpse of the Grand Canyon was from Mather Point ... what a WOW factor!

Looking down from Yavapai Point, you can just see a bit of the Colorado River deep in the gorge, near the middle of the photo.

It's a vertical mile down to the river! The green area down in the gorge to the right is Phantom Ranch - the only lodging facility below the Canyon rim

The broad view from Maricopa Point, looking west

Sunset at Hopi Point, looking east. The sun is just beginning to colour the white limestoneof the topermost Kaibab formation

The sun's almost gone now, and the Canyon is suffused with blue

Looking west, catching the last rays glinting off the Colorado River way below

The last flush of red

After a delicious breakfast at the El Tovar Hotel ...

... we thought we'd pose for some photos

Lesson in gliding from a Californian Condor

Three Condors - ugly beasts, till they take wing!

A fossil brachiopod. They are very like clams today, also being bivalves

A fossil sponge ... these fossils date back around 270 million years!

Standing on the Bright Angel Fault Line, looking down into the Bright Angel Canyon.

Ancient Pictograms, high above the Bright Angel Trail

Protected by an overhang, they are thought to be at least 800 years old

There are stag-like figures to the top left, and wiggly snakes bottom right

The view as we came back up the Bright Angel Trail after looking at the pictograms

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