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The Watchtower at Desert View.

Designed by architect Mary Colter in the 1930s, it mimics an Anasazi watchtower. Each stone was handpicked for size and appearance, and weathered faces left untouched to give the tower an ancient look.

The view from the Watchtower, with a wide sweep of the Colorado River visible from here

John and I at Lipan Point

My favourite photo - John looks out from Lipan Point

... and me, at Lipan Point.

Those rapids that you can just see on the River are a mile long!!!

Grandview Point ... the name says it all! This photo is looking west ...

... and this one is looking east

Zooming in on one of the 'temples' or 'shrines', as they call these outcrops (you can see why though!)

Back at El Tovar for dinner, and watching the sunset before a proper sun-downer cocktail!

Painting the sky above us red

As we left the Grand Canyon, we stopped at the Gorge of the Little Colorado ... it's a straight 250 metre drop where I was standing

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