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Caribbean Spiny Lobster - this one was really big. Their yellow and blue colouring is amazing

At the other end of the scale, this is a tiny Banded Coral Shrimp - all ready for a fight as he's been coaxed out of his hole!

I have always had a soft spot for Trunkfish, and as they dart about they're not so easy to capture in good focus and close up!

Wonderful colours of the reef

A Unicorn filefish. Sadly he'd just put his Unicorn horn down as the camera snapped!

2 Four-eyed Butterfly fish nibbling on a bright purple encrustation

A very big Barracuda, hanging around at the stern of the Veronica l ... he looks quite hungry!

Creole Wrasse swimming on the healthy reef

A rare sighting of a Black Brotula. It has a flat head & a short eel-like body. It usually lives in caves but this one lives on the Veronica L

Creole Wrasse gather round the White Telesto coral

There were some wonderfully large and sculptural sponges on the reefs

A very small octopus in amongst the coral

Baby Spotted Drums don't stay still for a moment - they're permanently wiggling about - so I was very pleased with these 2 photos ...

... as both of them have caught it 'in action' without being blurred!

Heavy metal ... the Veronica L Wreck

I'm hoping to do more paintings from some of these underwater photos. The Veronica L in particular inspires me!


A tiny Yellowline Arrow Crab. Its legs are hair-thin with a golden glow ... I still don't know how I spotted it!

(Spotted Moray) Eel-in-a-hole

... and here it is coming out of its hole!

Encrustations on the Veronica L

... and more - and these colours really are what you see down there!

Machinery and Creole Wrasse on the Veronica L

Wire Coral ... what a wonderful line it makes!

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