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For the past two years John and I have gone to Grenada in May, staying at LaSource. As that hotel has closed, this year we 'upgraded' and went to the Spice Island Beach Resort, and didn't regret the change!
Fortunately, Aquanauts Grenada have a dive shop at Spice Island, so I was back diving with all the guys I know and had a great time! I now have 2 new cameras (a Compact one for underwater, and a Compact System one for 'on land') and I thoroughly enjoyed playing with both of them ... but don't worry, as this website only shows a very small, sifted, selection ...

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Grenada 2013 Underwater 1


  Grenada 2013 Underwater 2


  Grenada 2013 Underwater 3


  Grenada 2013 Underwater 4





Grenada 2013 
Above Water






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