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Hoover Dam
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Diagram of the Dam.

It shows the 4 (now plugged) Diversion Tunnels(in yellow on the right), the Intake Towers, Power Plants, and Spillways (part of the original diversion tunnels), should Lake Mead rise too high

The Power Plant on the Nevada side - the Dam is on the State-line between Nevada and Arizona, and each state has its own generator room.

The top of the Dam still carries a main road, heading south to Phoenix (though they're building a by-pass).

Lake Mead, created by the dam, lies behind.

One of the Water Intake Towers in Lake Mead (there are two on each state-side)

The white 'ring' on the rocks shows where the water level used to reach ... they are quite worried at this large drop in the lake's volume.

Standing at the top of the Dam, looking down at the Colorado River as it flows away, far below

Power lines coming up from the Power Plant

This is what the whole Hoover Dam is about - supplying eletrical power ...

though Lake Mead supplies water to cities as far away as Los Angeles.

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