Photo Gallery


This is a page of links to other web sites -
including Laura's work as an artist, and other sites which are of interest to her.

Laura Parker - Online Art Gallery

bulletThis is an online Gallery showcasing my artwork - both paintings and drawings,
in a variety of media.

Theban Mapping Project

bulletThis is an impressive archaeological database concentrating on tombs in the Valley of the Kings, on the West Bank at Luxor (originally known as Thebes).

Egyptian Monuments

bulletA very useful site, with detailed guides to the archaeological sites of the Nile Valley and desert areas of Egypt.

Grand Canyon National Park

bulletThis site provides all sorts of information about the Grand Canyon and is a good starting point if you are planning a trip there. (Forget the Skywalk - that's for moneyed tourists to visit by helicopter from Las Vegas ... it's the South Rim you want to head for!)

Aquanauts Grenada

bulletI think that Aquanauts is the best dive centre on Grenada - with them diver safety is paramount, they know all the dive sites intimately (and so can point out things that are often overlooked),  and they are a great bunch of people to be with!  What more can I say to recommend them?!?!?


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