Luxor's West Bank, & Edfu,
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El Qurna village, on the West Bank at Luxor

Looking towards the 1st Pylon at Medinat Habu temple, with the desert hills behind

Hatshepsut's temple, the Hathor Shrine. The head of the cow goddess, Hathor, adorns the top of the pillars

Hatshepsut's temple, the Anubis Shrine. This painted relief shows Thutmes III making an offering ...

... and here is an offering table piled about as high as it can be!

John admires the painted reliefs in the Anubis Shrine

Hatshepsut's temple, the Punt Reliefs. These reliefs display some of the ancient world's most sensitve representations of people and animals.

Just look at that panther, in the centre of the photo - it is an amazingly accurate depiction of a big cat!

Hatshepsut's temple, the Punt Reliefs.

Chapel of Amun and the Royal Family at Hatshepsut's Temple.

Looking towards Luxor and Karnak Temple from the Upper Terrace at Hatshepsut's Temple

Dayr al-Medina, the Workers' Village, with their Ptolemaic Temple on the left.

The workers who lived here constructed and decorated the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, which lies just over the hills.

Dayr al-Medina, the Ptolemaic Temple. Painted relief showing Osiris on his throne

Dayr al-Medina, the Ptolemaic Temple. Depictions of various deities line the walls ...

... including Anubis (the jackal) and Nephthys ...

... and Horus (the falcon) and Hathor

This Ptolemaic Temple is unusual as it shows Anubis making his final Judgement ...

... after the weighing of the heart cermony (which is often depicted) where the heart is measured against the weight of the feather of Truth (Maat).

A strange 4-headed ram, in the Ptolemaic Temple at Dayr al-Medina.

Dayr al-Medina, Pashedu's tomb. The rear wall shows Osiris enthroned, with Pashedu kneeling behind in adoration

Pashedu was a master stonemason , responsible for digging out the royal tombs, creating corridors, chambers & pillared halls

To enter the main chamber of Pashedu's tomb, you have to crouch down and pass through a narrow vaulted passage adorned with beautiful Anubis jackals

Temple of Edfu. John standing next the statue of Horus, as a young bird, before the first Pylon of the temple.

Temple of Edfu. Laura next to Horus depicted as an older bird, at the entrance to the 1st Hypostyle Court

Temple of Edfu. Shrief, our guide, explains to John about the reliefs of The Beautiful Meeting of Horus and Hathor

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