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Tomb of Menna. He was an overseer of agricultural activities on the extensive royal lands - a very important job!

Here, Menna & his wife & 2 sons stand before the enshrined god Osiris

Menna devoted much of his tomb's decoraton to proudly depicting his occupations.

Here he is overseeing the harvesting, & winnowing of grain. Notice the 2 girls wrestling at the bottom right (probably arguing over land rights)

His chariot awaits! 2 elegant ladies wearing beautiful diadems are at the bottom left of the photo

In an unusual detail, there is a woman sitting down with a baby while she picks fruit from a tree (in the centre top of the photo)

Near the Tombs of the Nobles

The Tomb of Ramose has shot to the top of my list of favourite Tombs of the Nobles in Luxor! This wall shows his funeral cortege.

Ramose was Vizier in the reign of Amenhotep III, and carried on under Amenhotep IV - who became Akenaten

Detail showing the wonderful group of mourning women.

They pour dust on their hair and wail, and you can even see tears and makeup coursing down their faces. Instead of the usual perfectly pleated garments, theirs are rumpled and unkempt

Men carrying the tools of Ramose's profession & other personal items to his tomb, including his sandals & his scribe's tools

More women mourn his death. These are simply wonderful depictions of bereavement - so animated and alive!

On the other decorated walls of the tomb are carved low-reliefs, with a totally different feel - much more formal, though equally beautiful.

They are guests are at the great funeral banquet. The detail of hair and adornment is carved to perfection. The only colour is black on their eyes.

... wonderful!

On the rear wall are 2 depictions of Amenhotep IV. This one is a traditional view of a pharoah receiving offerings from the deceased ...

... while this relief charts a huge change, as Amenhotep IV became Akenaten. Here the Aten's (sun's) rays pour down,

bathing the king & his queen Nefertiti. Even though they have been 'erased', the Amarna style of their depiction is recognisable.

Wonderful preliminary drawings of royal subjects bowing before the Pharoah and Ramose ...

... with foreign ambassadors behind, including a Libyan (with a long lock of hair hanging down), 4 Nubians, and 2 Western Asiatics

View from the West Bank looking over the Nile to Luxor Temple

This is the tomb of Roy, a royal scribe & steward in the estates of king Horemheb

Here we see his funeral procession - with bulls pulling the sledge with his mummy in its coffin, while a priest officiates

Men & women mourning - though not as finely depicted as in the tomb of Ramose, they are interesting - note the man with grey hair in their midsts

The tomb of Kheruef has some beautifully carved reliefs, very much like those in Ramose's tomb in their attention to detail.

Here foreign princessess are presenting vessels to Amenhotep III, their lithesome bodies visible through their sheer dresses

Their braided hair is exquisitely depicted and their faces perfectly modelled

On the other wall, offering tables are prepared while male dancers perform before the king, including dancers with sticks

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