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Temple of Seti I, West Bank, Luxor

Behind the temple, the pyramid-shaped mountain of Al-Qurn dominates the view - a natural phenonemon, but seen as deeply signficant by the Ancient Egyptians

The papyrus bundle columns of the portico at Seti I's temple

A view from inside the portico

Locals still live in huts made of mud bricks

Temple of Rameses II, on the West Bank at Luxor (also known as the Ramesseum)

Rameses II, the great warrior king, leading from his war chariot during the battle against the Hittitte army

The feeling of the chaos of battle is palpable, with terrified horses and dying soldiers

A group of densely packed soldiers look on as the battle rages, a look of worry depicted on all their faces

John gets close to the colossal fallen statue of Rameses II in his temple - what you are seeing is merely part of Rameses' head and shoulder!

Looking through the temple, back towards the fallen colossus

Painted lotus columns in the temple of Rameses II

Rameses II's army is shown attacking the Hittitte fort of Dapur, with Rameses as always on his chariot

His soldiers are shown using ladders to scale the walls and overcome the enemy.

A view of the western mountains beyond the temple

The western mountains seen from the East Bank

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