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I visited the Philippines in March 2007 (a trip organised by my dive club), staying at Sabang Bay near Puerto Galera, on Mindoro.    The diving was fantastic, with such a variety of weird and wonderful marine life - from teeny tiny Leaf-fish and Nudibranchs (a colourful type of sea-slug), to amazingly camouflaged (and poisonous) Stonefish and Frogfish. 

I became more and more fascinated by the unusual, so you won't find photos of the more commonplace things such as Butterflyfish - though I did enjoy finding different types of Anemonefish (and even got attacked by one little fellow protecting his territory!)

If you'd like to read more about the trip, you'll find an account of it in 'Tales of my Travels'.

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Philippines 2007 - Underwater Album 1


  Philippines 2007 - Underwater Album 2


  Philippines 2007 - Underwater Album 3


Philippines 2007 - Underwater Album 4


  Philippines 2007 - Above Water Album 5



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