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A bright green Nudibranch.

There were Nudibranchs (meaning 'naked gills') at all the dives sites, in such a variety of shapes and colours that we lost count of the different types!

Strapweed Filefish

Zebra Dwarf Lionfish

Fan coral

Thorny-back Cowfish

Spot-face Moray Eel

Black Anemonefish


Crowned Toby (a very small type of Pufferfish)

Harlequin Sweetlips

There is a White tip Reef Shark in that cave - you can just make it out through all the back-scatter (This was my first shark!)

A Loggerhead Turtle

An Anemonefish 'tucked up in bed'

Eva with a Barrel Sponge

The wreck at Ernie's Cave

Barrel Sponge with Feather Stars (Crinoids)

It was hard to spot this tiny Nudibranch, so well camouflaged in the sand

Cushion Sea Star


Panda Clownfish - a whole family of them - and a tiny Porcelain crab right at the bottom of their home

A large Frogfish out for a walk ...

... waddling along on his fins. (You'll see him agan in Album 3, moulded to a rock.)

Wreck of a yacht in Sabang Bay

A large Lionfish

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