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Part of a wreck in Sabang Bay

Picasso Triggerfish

Barrel Sponge with a Horned Bannerfish inside

Horned Bannerfish

Seagrass Ghost Pipefish - tiny and almost impossilbe to spot, looking just like the surrounding weeds. It swims head down.

Bloch's Bigeye

A Cowrie shell nicely nestled. The slug comes out & covers its shell - that's how come the shells are so smooth

A large Barrel Sponge

What a nice reef view!

Another type of Nudibranch

Sweetlips on the Alma Jane wreck, 30 metres down (that's why the photos are so blue)

Part of the Alma Jane wreck

Different shapes of Barrel Sponges

Barrel sponge with Fan Coral

Spotted Scorpionfish - the male in front and the female bringing up the rear

They were so well camouflaged as to be virtually invisible

Orange-spotted Sleeper Goby

A parent anemonefish, with its teeny tiny baby

Thorny-back Cowfish

John-Henry looks at the Round Batfish swimming by

A Balloonfish - a type of Porcupinefish

An Anemonefish in its Lightbulb Anemone

A very small Leaf-fish - so zoomed in that the grains of sand look huge!

Does this give an idea of how samll it was?

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