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Another Thorny-back Cowfish, with a Cushion Sea Star that looks like it's got chocolate drops on it!

An Indian Walkman (another type of Scorpionfish) - its tail is on the left

The Indaian Walkman from the other side

The Pink Anemonefish nearest to the camera took a bite out of my elbow as I finned off (or at least tried to, through my wetsuit!)

Another Nudibranch

And another Thorny-back Cowfish. These little fellows are so shy that they back off fast whenever they're approached, so are very hard to photograph!

Now this is that Frogfish again, on another day, clinging to a rock!

So hard to spot with that amazing camouflage!

Two Orange-spotted Sleeper Gobies outside thier hole in the sand

A school of Striped Eel Catfish, rolling along the bottom to find food, with a couple of Yellow-eye Pufferfish

The Puffer behind is catching titbits stirred up by the catfish.

A lone Anemonefish with his lone anemone

... protecting its abode from all intruders!

Yellow-eye Pufferfish

Another tiny Leaf-fish

Zooming right in on it ...

See... it is a fish (with mouth, eyes, fins & tail), even if it looks more like a leaf as it drifts along stirred by the gentle movement of the water

A Zebra Dwarf Lionfish

This photo of the Zebra Dwarf Lionfish is my favourite of the whole holiday. Just look at those glowing blue spots on his fins!

Strange ... camouflaged ... a Frogfish sits on a wreck

A large Cuttlefish who just hovered and posed for us

Is that the same family of Panda Clownfish from an earlier dive? - I do believe it is!

And it's another Nudibranch

... and another ...

oh, and yes, yet another!

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