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I got up at 6 o'clock to take these photos of Sabang Bay, to catch it when all was calm and quiet

Looking down the pier

Bancas in the early morning sun

The pier


Two fishermen at work


The pool area. Our bedroom was in the top corner (I shared with Isabel)

John C, Ross, Eva & John-Henry - on our sunset cruise

Pete and Wayne started getting out the drinks for our cruise

The 'gang' - Eva, Ross, Margaret, Isabel, John-Henry, John C & Cristine

Fisherman near Batangas

Local ferry at Batangas - by the time we left it was jammed full of people, on the roof, and hanging on the sides, like an Indian train!

Chicken delivery!

Everything for the kitchen


Hawker stalls at Newton Circus, Singapore

Yum ... fish porridge!

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