Red Sea 2006,
   Album 1

Red Sea '06 #1
Red Sea '06 #2


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2 Bannerfish just hanging around

Masked Butterflyfish

Close up to a Masked Butterflyfish

General reef view

An isalnd in the middle of the Red Sea

Red Sea Anemonefish



Huge fan coral

Bannerfish doing his thing!

Coral Grouper

2 Lionfish

Reef view with Jewel Fairy Basslets

School of Dusky Sweepers

Pipe Organ Coral - you can see where it gets its name!

Anemonefish guarding his territory

Threadfin Butterflyfish - you can see the 'thead' coming from his top fin.

Pufferfish with the grouper below him.

Posing pufferfish!

Royal Angelfish. They're quite small, and as soon as they see you they flit off ... so I'm pleased to have caught this one

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