Red Sea 2006,
   Album 2

Red Sea '06 #1
Red Sea '06 #2


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Jewel Fairy Basslets

This Cornetfish really was about a metre long!

Ahhh ... all snuggled up!

This Humbug Damselfish is only about 2 cm long!

This is a Pyjama Slug, about 3 cm long, It's a Nudibranch, which means 'gills on the outside'

Ross-the-boss - always recognisable with his different coloured fins!

Red-breasted Splendour Wrasse

We often swam in amongst Sergeant Majors like this

Sponge Coral, with its polyps out (the bumpy bits)

Sand Perch - I liked how it'd made a indent in the sand for itself with its tail

Some Jewel Fairy Basslets again

Another Gabriella's Grouper

Sayed - our Egyptian divemaster and guide

Gareth, John C. and Ross relaxing by the hotel pool on our last morning

View from the Sultan Bey Hotel

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