Sharm El Sheikh 2008,
Album 1

Sharm 08 #1
Sharm 08 #2


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Blue Spotted Stingray - I crept in really close to get this shot

But when I approached from the front, it wasn't so happy and made ready to leave

The eggs of a Spanish Dancer - a sea slug


They were having a good scratch on the Gorgonian Fan Corals

WOW - This is AMAZING!!!!

This one's clearly been caught by a propellor

I passed my camera to Paul ...

... and he snapped away ...

... as he swam with them ...

... they stayed with us for about 15 minutes!!!

That's me, doing my safety stop, with dolphins close by

Jackson Reef - the most 'fertile' coral garden I have ever seen ...

... just teeming with Jewel Fairy Basslets

The wreck of the Loullia on Gordon Reef

Mr Paul V Toomer ... what perfect trim!!!

Chains at the bottom of the sea

Titan Triggerfish

Anemonefish in its garden

A very large Grouper

Masked butterflyfish

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