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A viw of the little pebbled cove we had access to from our holiday villa.

Ony a few other people could get there, and most days we had it to ourselves. Our villa didn't quite give on to the sea.

View of Cefalu, looking towards the old town, dominated by the cathedral (dating from around 1140).

La Rocca is the cliff-like crag on the right, below which the town nestles.

Looking towards the original fishing harbour of Cefalu

Grand doorway in Taormina

The Teatro Greco, Taormina. Despite its name, what remains is mostly Roman, though it was founded by the Greeks

Teatro Greco

Approaching Mount Etna

Up Mount Etna - made up of numerous craters, these particular ones were active about 10 years ago

Close to the top (which is at about 3300 metres). The bright yellow patches are sulphurous deposits, and the lava is coloured grey and red.

At 3000 metres you are in the clouds. At sea level the temperature is about 30 degrees, but up here it is only about 10!

The dark lava field in the foreground is from the large eruption in 2002

One of the 'casualties' of that 2002 eruption

Palermo. All that remains of this church is the facade - there is nothing behind!

It is typical of a lot of Palermo, which seems not to have recovered from damage caused during WW2

San Giovanni degli Eremiti. Looking up into the central dome

San Giovanni degli Eremiti.

Although a (deconsecrated) Norman church, the Arabic influence is visible in its domes

The quiet cloister at San Giovanni degli Eremiti

The cathedral at Monreale. The interior is totally covered in the most glittering of Byznatine mosaics. The amount of gold on the walls is amazing!

The head and shoulders of Christ Pantocrator in the central apse is almost 20 metres tall!

Part of the illustaration of the life of Christ

Scenes from the Old Testament run round the main nave, and the aisle mosaics depict the teachings of Christ

St John the Baptist

The wonderfully arcaded cloisters at Monreale cathedral - Chiostro dei Benedettini.

Each arch is supported by decorated twin columns, with carved capitals from the 12th century

Bronze door at Montreae cathedral.

I know it's Christ being baptised, but doesn't it look just like He's wearing a dress with a wavy pattern?!?

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