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The view from our terrace ... heavenly, isn't it?

Selenunte - there are the remains of a group of Greek Temples here. This one is the best preserved

Looking back to it through a more ruined one

They really have done a very good restoration job on it

Looking back at the group of 3 temples from a fourth one

John hugs a column!

'Leonardo man' demonstrated the diameter of a column

... and there are lots of huge pieces of fallen columns

Me, posing in the temple

Villa Romana del Casale Mosaics - this was probably a Roman Hunting Lodge.

It is adorned by the most amazing mosaics, dating from the early 4th century, which cover almost every bit of floor space

Commonly referred to as 'the Bikini Girls' this mosaic depicts 10 girls taking part in athletic and gymnastic activities.

One girl - with laurel wreath and palm frond - appears to have won the competition

Past of the great Hunting Scene mosaic. It is 60 metres and long, and full of the most wonderful details.

The caped figure bottom left is possibly the Lodge's owner - Maximianus Herculeus, co-emperor with Docletian between 286 & 305 AD

... more of the Hunting Scene.

If I told you this was a Rodin you might believe me ... Instead I'm going to tell you that it dates from 500 BC! It is a stunning Hellenic Kouroi

Greek Theatre at Sicacusa

Roman Amphitheatre at Siracusa

The Cathedral in Siracusa.

It is the first time I've seen a Greek Doric Temple fully incorporated into a Catholic cathedral - just look at the columns to either side of the main door!

My friend Alberto (from when I lived in Rome in my twenties) and his wife, Adriana, visited us for a few days.

We call the big rock out in 'our' bay "Lo Scogio Laura" (Laura's Rock) because this mad swimming person (Laura !!) ploughs round and round it.

She says that 10 times is a kilometre, and she's got to do that to be able to eat dinner!!!

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