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The Doric temple at Segesta

The Greeks certainly knew how to choose a good site for their temples!!!

What a place - and not too many tourists because it's way over on the west of Sicily

The Greek Amphitheatre at Segesta ...

... with special 'thrones' for the VIPs!

is this Rapunzel's castle? We couldn't see a way in and it was perched on the top of a cliff in Erice...

View of the saltmarshes at Trapani, seen from Erice. We spent the night in the middle of the marshes ...

A windmill - it used to be used to grind the salt

What a beautiful sunset - with fabulous reflections in the shallow saltmarshes ...

... like an Impressionist painting ...

... wow, what an evening!

... the sun's nearly gone now.

The saltmarshes really turn pink as they dry out, and the salt crystals form lovely patterns on the top

Looking back up to Erice

Mounds of salt, the windmill, and Erice beyond

They still use the Archimedes Screw to move water from one marsh to the other ... here's one waiting to be used

They cover the salt mounds with roof tiles, and then leave them to dry out for months

This saltmarsh in Mozia was far better maintained than the semi-wild ones we stayed in ... I preferred 'ours'!

Possibly Greek statue from around 470BC.

It is Known as the Youth of Mozia

.. and is a stunning example of how the ancients could sculpt ...

... just look at how they understood the placement of weight!

Ah, we couldn't miss out a photo of 'Laura's Rock' now could we?

... though on really windy days the herons came to claim it as theirs!

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