Las Vegas

Las Vegas
Hoover Dam
Grand Canyon 1
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Caesar's Palace - Temple Pool ... one of 5 pools!

And that's just one of Caesar's Palace's 'towers' in the background. The Hotel is just huge and has around 3350 rooms

Another view at the pools, this time with the Bellagio in the background

The High Stakes gaming room ... what an entrance, eh?!?

Looking towards the Mirage, with the desert and mountains beyond - not at all far away, as Las Vegas is built in the middle of the desert

Inside the Bellagio

The Bellagio's fountains are a great show. In the evening they play (with lights and music) every quarter of an hour ...

... and they can shoot up 73 metres (with a sonorous 'whoomph' from underwater pumps!)

These 2 lions (both males, but quite young) are direct descendants of the MGM Films roaring lion.

But their home is a matter of feet from the nearest slot machines ... very weird!

New York New York (looking south along The Strip)

Paris Las Vegas, with it's Montgolfier balloon, Opera Garnier, and half-size Eiffel Tower ...

... which comes down inside, right next to the slot machines!

One of the White Tigers at the Mirage

Are we in Venice ... no, of course not, just the Las Vegas version of the city of canals ...

... including a 'genuine' canal with gondoliers!

Waiting for our pasta lunch in a restaurant on 'Saint Mark's Square' (without St Marks anywhere to be seen!)

Looking south down The Strip

In the far distance is Mandalay Bay Resort, beyond that is the airport, and beyond that ... nothing!

Looking north up The Strip

Night shot ... with John spookily reflected in the window!

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